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Top Ideas to Prepare for Post-Lockdown Live Events in 2020

Top Ideas to Prepare for Post-Lockdown Live Events in 2020

You might be worried about attending or organizing a live event post-lockdown. You might be thinking about whether it is safe to attend such events anymore. But, we are sure that once you read this blog, you will get a fair idea of all the safety measures that will be taken to ensure maximum safety for all the people involved in every live event that might take place. We hope that by the end of this, some of the stress will be taken off your shoulders.

Everyone everywhere is talking about the new normal. No matter who you are talking to, you will at some point definitely discuss the ‘new normal’ with them. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the lifestyle that all of us previously led.

We are now more accepting of concepts like small gatherings for major social functions, social distancing norms, using sanitizers, wearing masks. But there is something that you might be skeptical about. And that is post-lockdown live events.

Although post-lockdown, the live events might not start off immediately, but they will start coming up eventually. And you might be attracted to these events.

You may have a fear at the back of your mind about the safety and sanitization maintenance in these events, but just like the whole world is accepting the new normal, so will these live events.

Premium event management companies are already planning and practicing how to prepare for these events post-lockdown. They are coming up with different measures which can be taken before, after, and during the events.

All the top event management companies in India are looking into the new normal phase and making a plan to incorporate it into the process.

What are the queueing concerns in organizing an event?

While queueing up for an event like a concert after the lockdown, it is easy for the attendees to forget about the distance they need to maintain as they need to constantly move up the line to enter the event arena.

They also might find it difficult to gauge the correct distance that they have to keep with the people in front of and behind them.

Additionally, major events have a few main entry points. This means that the thousands of attendees have to line up and enter through these limited gates.

All the entries are also done within a short span of time, and most people get into the line shortly before the event starts. The rush can make it difficult for attendees to manage the social distancing norms.

How can you utilize the outdoor space for managing your event?

If there is a space outside the venue that can be used to get the attendees to line up, then using that space might help you to manage the event within safety norms. When the space is large and open, people tend to not form clusters and spread out further. Hence using the outdoor space of the venue is definitely a brilliant idea for post-lockdown events.

How can you ensure the safety of the attendees while planning the event?

Here are a few ways that top event planning and management companies can put to use to ensure the optimum safety of the attendees:

1. Minimize the number of people lining up

Although it might sound impossible, minimizing the number of people from lining up is the best way to ensure safety. Does this mean that you will limit the number of attendees? No! What this means is giving the attendees to choose whether they want to attend the event from the venue itself or whether they want to attend it virtually.

Giving the people an option of virtually attending the event will definitely decrease the number of people queueing up outside the venue.

Creating multiple entry points is also a way of minimizing the number of attendees who will line up. With a larger number of entry-points, the attendees will have more options to enter the venue, which in turn ensures fewer people at each point.

2. Speed up the check-in time

Ensuring a fast yet effective check-in will make sure that the amount of time being spent in the queue is reduced. Investing in certain equipment that will ensure this is a pretty good start. Self-check-in kiosks can also help speed up the process but care needs to be taken that the kiosks are sanitized after every use.

3. Include markings

An important trick that will help everyone in the event, proper markings on the floor will show the desired distance that needs to be maintained and will help everyone involved in the event be at a distance from each other. They will enforce the distancing guidelines; they will control the flow of traffic as well as remind the people of the directives to follow.


Are you excited to go back to the energy of live events? Are you looking for a top event planner in India to create and organize your first live event after the lockdown? Then you don’t have to look any further.

E-Factor Entertainment, a leading event management company in India, will help you organize the perfect event post-lockdown while maintaining all the safety measures. Our team will diligently take care of each and every procedure that will ensure the safety of your guests and attendees. With us by your side, your event will be a burst of energy and fun for everyone.

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