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Tips to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Flaming red, blushing pink, vivid orange – colors convey a thousand emotions. When it comes to weddings, there is perhaps a no better way to add a touch of color to your décor, than through flowers.

Steeped in symbolism and resplendent in their glory, flowers lend a dream-like quality to nuptials. While the traditional flowers, such as roses, marigold, and tuberoses still hold the high table at weddings, couples today are increasingly becoming adventurous with their choice of blooms.

From midnight lilies to exotic orchids, from stunning hydrangeas to seasonal chrysanthemums – the choice is endless when it comes to decking up the wedding venue with flowers. Here are some pro tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing floral arrangements for the wedding decor.

What Type of Flowers?

The best aspect of floral arrangements is that there are no restrictive rules. Flowers are classic, eternal, and look gorgeous in any shape and form. While roses and marigolds are traditional choices for wedding decors, wedding planners today like to play around with colors and flower selection to add a surprising twist to the decor.

Muted pastel shades of orchids add an understated refinement to a summer wedding, while flowers with deeper hues add depth and contrast to a wedding in the winter months. Moreover, flowers need not be a side note to the wedding decor. They can take the center stage around which the decor is conceived and executed.

Grand floral installations, bewitching entrances, enchanting floral gardens are all the rage now. At the same time, white blossoms (so long considered as a pariah in Indian weddings) are making a comeback, lending a chic, ethereal charm to the decor.

Top Tips for the Best Wedding Flowers

Traditional Brilliance

When it comes to Indian weddings, nothing beats traditional floral choices like roses, lotuses, jasmines, and marigolds. These flowers, which we have seen in abundance growing up, still hold a deep nostalgic value.

Strings of jasmine, a grand centerpiece made up of lotuses, plumes of marigold strewn all around the mandap lend a classic touch, reminding us of our roots and glorious tradition.

Exotic Resplendence

For those who like to trudge the less-traversed path, exotic blossoms can be a sensible choice. Go for heart-shaped anthuriums that are sure to wow your guests with their elegant, slender petals. For corner pieces, heliconias can be a perfect choice.

These flaming red flowers, shaped like lobster claws, make quite a bold statement. Other exotic varieties, such as lilies, ginger flowers, hydrangeas offer a distinctive appeal to the wedding decor, highlighting qualities of playfulness and quirk.

Pastel Shades

Muted shades of purple, pink, violet, moss green, and sunshine yellow are not just for the French macaroons. These shades are perfect for day events and lend a touch of elegance that is hard to replicate with other hues. Pair these colors up with Swarovski crystals, fine China, and Belgium cut glasses to create a whimsical, Alice-in-Wonderland-inspired look.

Pristine Whites

Dignified, classic, and pristine, whites are not obvious choices for wedding decors, but they create a clean palette for the wedding decorator’s imagination to run wild.

Whites can both complement and contrast other colors depending on how florists make use of them. Create a magical enchanted garden setting with white blossoms and green ferns, complete with vines and creepers, that can tap into our childhood fondness for fairytales.

ConclusionAt E-Factor, we take care of every aspect of a wedding from creating fabulous mood broads to executing the most ingenious ideas into reality

From adding a pop of color to suffusing the wedding venues with their heady aroma, flowers are the most versatile element in wedding decor. From intimate wedding parties to grand destination venues, this ubiquitous decor element can create lasting impressions on the minds of your guests, long after their petals have wilted.

At E-Factor, we take care of every aspect of a wedding from creating fabulous mood broads to executing the most ingenious ideas into reality, ensuring that your big day is nothing short of being magical. So this wedding season, say hello to the gorgeous beauty of flowers and make them a part of your wedding decor plans.

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