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Encourage Social Distancing at a Wedding

How to Encourage Social Distancing at a Wedding?

When we ushered in 2020, little did we know that the year is going to change our lives forever? Covid-19 has deeply impacted all areas of life. But most importantly, it has changed the way society functions are organized.

With restrictions on the number of people that can be invited and stringent protocols of physical distancing in place, having a wedding that allows people to mingle freely and yet conforms to safety measures, recommended by authorities, can be a challenge.

This means that wedding planners have to come up with innovative ways to encourage social distancing at weddings while ensuring that the invitees feel at home.

5 Ways to Encourage Social Distancing at a Wedding

An Intimate Affair

With restrictions on the number of guests, an intimate gathering makes social distancing easier. While it is difficult to cut down on the number of guests, on the brighter side, a smaller gathering allows you to customize the wedding experience as per the taste of your guests.

Further, a controlled event can still be a grand show that screams extravagance and decadence where friends and family bond over good food, conversation, warmth, and congeniality.

Open-Air Weddings

Say goodbye to enclosed spaces with artificial cooling and heating. Experts say that the coronavirus can spread through the air circulating in enclosed spaces. An open-air setting, for example, a fall wedding amid a beautiful lawn with flowers in full bloom, might be a great idea.

It allows your guests more space to move around while opening up endless possibilities for decoration. From a French country-themed setting to an Oriental garden filled with pastel cherry blossoms, open spaces allow you to be more creative and adventurous with your decor choices.

Safety First

From separate entry and exit (to avoid overcrowding) to placing buffet settings as per the protocols of social distancing – various measures can be implemented to achieve the desired level of safety. One could place sanitizers and masks at various corners of the wedding venue and encourage guests to use them whenever necessary.

Even chairs can be placed six feet apart, as recommended by health agencies. These small little details will give the impression that you care about your guests’ safety and encourage them to practice physical distancing.

Go Digital

From e-invitations to the digital registry for accepting gifts, embracing technology is an effective way to ensure safety. Make sure you let your guests know that you are not accepting any physical gifts.

Instead, share a wish list of gifts, from your favorite online stores like Harrods or Oscar De La Renta, with your guests, who can make online purchases. Alternatively, you can also ask your guests to donate to a charitable institution of your choice.

Virtual Pre-Festivities

Thanks to the Zoom revolution, catching up with your loved ones from the safety and comfort of your home is now easy. Organize a virtual bachelor or a bachelorette party and ask your guests to join in for a fun night. A common activity such as painting, cooking or simply catching up on conversation can keep your guests engaged.


In this blog, we discussed the different ways to encourage social distancing at weddings. An event that emphasizes safety is the way forward and couples need to find ways to adapt to the changing realities.

E-Factor is India’s premier event management company with vast experience in curating weddings that are both captivating for the guests and enchanting for the wedding couple.

As an industry leader, which keeps a tab on the pulse of the changing times, we are adept at providing innovative wedding solutions, keeping in mind the Covid-19 restrictions in place.

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