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Guide to Organize Unique Light and Sound Shows in India

Guide to Organize Unique Light and Sound Shows in India

Light and sound have always created a dreamy experience when showcased together properly. From simple rice lights to magnificent light and sound shows, they always take you to a different world.

They have the ability to transport you to a mesmerizing place, giving you a once in a lifetime experience. Various heritage places in our country are known to show the best light and sound show in India.

The Amer Fort in Rajasthan, Mysore Palace in Karnataka, Birla Planetarium in Kolkata, these places are well known for their beautiful, multimedia light and sound shows.

Event planners have now taken up the concept of light and sound shows to add a touch of out worldly elegance and mystery.

They plan and set up multimedia light and sound shows in various events to give you an extremely enjoyable time. From creating the perfect atmosphere to adding effects at perfect timings, event managers plan the shows to even the last seconds.

Steps that lead to a beautiful show:

Since childhood, we have always been captivated by the stories our grandparents have told us. The art of storytelling isn’t always oral. Stories can be told with pictures, photographs, music, dances, as well as light. Wondering how that is possible? We have put down the steps that we event managers follow when we organize a light and sound show to tell everyone a story:

1) Constructing a storyboard and a storyline

This is the most important step as the whole show revolves around this. You need to write down the story that you want others to listen to. Every dialogue, every emotion, every fact, all need to be written and woven into a storyline. The next step after this is storyboarding.

Storyboarding is making the plan of action for the show. Every little detail is noted here, making it crucial for a successful show. The position of the lights and the soundtracks and effects that will be played alongside, all these technicalities have to be drawn or noted on the storyboard. This ensures the flawless execution of the story.

2) Rehearsing

No matter what show you are putting, rehearsing it numerous times makes it perfect. Especially when it is as technical as a light and sound show. It needs to be practiced to the second to minimize any error that might take place.

3) Using the correct equipment

You always need to keep the correct equipment in hand. You cannot miss out on any essential tool like the line tester or the circuit tester when you are putting up a light and sound show. Keep a check on all the lights you have to make sure they are working, be it PAR lights, scoop lights, house lights, strip lights, or LED lights. Maintain your sound system well as that will help in creating the drama alongside the lights.

4) Final execution

After multiple rehearsals, when the execution day finally arrives, make sure that everything is ready a few hours before the show begins. Conduct a couple of trial runs so that you can identify any glitches that might have otherwise taken place during the show. Once everything is all set, you have a wonderful, magical show ready for your audience.

Tips to create a unique light and sound show

In order to bring a story to life with an awe-inspiring light and sound show, here are a few tips that can be followed for the best results:

  1. Absolute visibility: For any light and sound show, you need to make sure that the audience is able to see everything going on. The seating arrangements should be such that everyone is able to witness the lights and the drama that will be created.
  2. Clear sound system: If your lights arrangement is brilliant but the sound system is lacking, the entire effort might fall flat. It is very important to make sure that the sound system is just as brilliant as the lights. This will ensure that the entire atmosphere gets highlighted and dramatized.
  3. Place screens around the venue: Although the major drama will unfold in front of your eyes, it might be a good idea to place screens around the area so that maximum guests are able to see everything going on. This also helps in capturing the attention of all the people present at the venue.
  4. Complete rehearsals: Complete sound check and lighting rehearsals multiple times before the final event. Make sure you have backups planned out for any glitches that might take place during the event. Keep everything ready at least a day before the final show so that nothing goes a miss.

Impact of hiring professional multimedia light and sound show planners

Light and sound shows are not like the general events that can happen on a short notice or that can be planned out and executed easily. Multimedia light and sound shows require trained, skillful and excellent professionals.

Without the experience of these professionals, it is very difficult to pull off a light and sound show. They know how to control the lights and the sound, they know which effect to put in at which time, they know what the audience will enjoy the most. They are aware of all the tricks that will deliver a successful show.


Interested to organize a multimedia light and sound show? If you are looking forward to putting up the best light and sound show in India, then E-factor Entertainment is here to help you. We will help you arrange everything in time for you.

From hiring professionals for the light and sound show to designing the venue to looking after the hospitality of your guests, our trained and experienced team will help you arrange everything. With our sound and intelligent lighting plans, we will infuse life in your event, making it memorable and mesmerizing.

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